dee-mullinI am a passionate and devoted student of all things “self-discipline”, “success”, and “spirituality”. I have an insatiable hunger for information on all three topics and am grateful for the opportunity to implement new strategies for each into my life.

I am on an intentional journey to create the best possible life for myself and it is my sincere pleasure to help others do the same. I believe we are responsible for whatever we are experiencing and that we always have the power to choose another way – another way to be, feel, act, connect and live!

Nothing that I write in this blog will be “new” information – nor is any of it uniquely mine. It is a culmination of thoughts and ideas formed through years of studying that I am reframing and sharing in hopes to advance or contribute to my favorite conversations.

I truly do not believe that any of these posts or contributions is “right” (because in my opinion “right” and “wrong” are relative rather than absolute)my hope is to simply give you something potentially different to consider…

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My favorite conversation topics:

Success: Business, Business Models, Business Development, Sales, Efficiency, ROI, Profitability, Relationship Building

Self-Discipline: Habits, Goal Setting, Fitness, Nutrition, Running, Self-Talk, Reading

Spirituality: Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini, Mindfulness, Inner-Peace, Happiness, Authenticity, Relationships